It’s not enough to simply take beautiful photos of people in epic scenery and bring forth their personalities. Nearly every photographer can do that these days. What I think matters most is being an mirror, a witness to people’s small and big moments in their lives and capturing those for them. I want to capture moments and photos that mean something to my clients throughout their lives - the photos they hang on their walls to bring them joy when they are going through a tough time and the photos that bring them comfort at the funerals of their loved ones.

The images that bring you back to an emotion are the ones that will forever and ever remain important to you. You’re not thinking about it now - but photography shouldn’t just be something on a checklist that you need to accomplish. Photography is arguably THE most important thing to invest in on your wedding day. Because you’re putting me in charge of your memories. And my goal is for you to have images that will last for decades to come, so you can relive your day, emotions and all, over and over again.