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A decade later, I'm still in love with telling stories! My approach to weddings involves carefully blending beautiful, romantic images with a candid and documentary approach. Both elements are key in my storytelling process. The focus is on natural photography, capturing the day as it unfolds.

While I do work in a more relaxed style, I understand that most people don’t know what to do in front of a camera. My job is to help bring out genuine and authentic moments between two people. I’m also someone who appreciates all the details that go into a wedding. From weddings with thoughtful ideas and amazing floral installations – to intimate elopements with only 10 guests in the woods – all of it matters to me as I’m sure it does to you. To perfectly capture the essence of a wedding, it’s the little moments + details that matter!

First, I like to meet over coffee or a video chat. I want to learn more about you beforehand to get a sense of what your ideal wedding day looks like. After booking, we catch back up at a later date to shoot engagement photos (if this is in your package) and create a connection which then translates into a successful wedding day. We’ll touch base about a month before the wedding to combine efforts with your planner to come up with the perfect photo timeline, and make sure everything runs smoothly. I roll with the punches and love a laid back affair, but thrive with schedules because I know how important each wedding moment is to capture! My process sets me apart because of my experience. My job isn’t just to produce a few iconic images from your wedding and let the rest just ‘happen’ – instead what I do is create a series of images that are ALL unique to your story, some of which you may never even have noticed during the wedding day itself. No two weddings are the same and each one deserves its own attention.

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Bride and groom at wedding in Houston, Texas.
Mother helping bride get dressed.
Houston, TX bride putting on earring
Houston, TX wedding shoes and veil
Willis, TX wedding at Rustic Rose
Houston, TX bride and bridesmaids
Bride and groom at wedding in Huntsville, Texas.
Bride and groom at wedding in Spring, Texas.
First Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX wedding
Bridal bouquet with pink roses.
Bride and groom at wedding in The Woodlands, Texas.
Bridal dress and veil.
Bride and groom at wedding in Houston, Texas.
Groomsmen at Farmhouse in Montgomery, Tx.
Houston, TX bride dancing at wedding reception