Cierra and Greyson's journey of love blossomed from an unexpected virtual connection on Instagram. Despite Greyson's demanding career as a professional baseball player, fate brought them together through direct messages. Intrigued by Cierra's profile, Greyson took the initiative to initiate contact, setting the stage for a remarkable love story.

Their bond flourished as they engaged with each other's posts, leading to a significant milestone when they decided to embrace their commitment with an engagement in November 2022. Eager to commence their journey as spouses without delay, they meticulously planned a micro wedding in the heart of Houston, Texas, before the onset of baseball season.

Entrusting me as their photographer to capture the essence of their intimate elopement, Cierra envisioned a heartfelt ceremony encompassing only their parents and pastor. The enchanting setting of Oak Atelier, nestled in the tranquil environs of north Houston, provided the perfect backdrop. The Willow, a breathtaking glass structure adorned with delicate white curtains, opulent marble floors, and glistening gold chandeliers, exuded an aura of enchantment, elevating their union to an unforgettable experience.

Their micro wedding exemplified the burgeoning trend towards intimate ceremonies, signaling a shift in the landscape of the wedding industry. Despite the modest guest list, Cierra and Greyson demonstrated that love knows no bounds, thriving in the most intimate of settings. Their celebration served as an inspiration, illuminating the path for couples seeking to commemorate their love in a meaningful and personal manner.

As a photographer dedicated to immortalizing moments of warmth, romance, and intimacy, I embraced the opportunity to encapsulate the magic of Cierra and Greyson's union. Through timeless imagery, I endeavored to convey the depth of their love and the beauty of their union, ensuring that their cherished memories endure for generations to come.

In essence, Cierra and Greyson's love story underscores the potency of forging connections in the digital realm and discovering love in unexpected places. Their micro wedding at Oak Atelier in Houston stands as a testament to the allure and intimacy of smaller ceremonies. As their photographer, I am profoundly grateful to have played a part in commemorating their special day, preserving the eternal flame of their love through the lens of my camera.


Photographer: Mandi Roach Photography website, instagram

Dress: BHLDN website, instagram | Willowby by Watters instagram

Venue: Oak Atelier website, instagram

Flowers: Piney Rose website, instagram

Makeup: Taylor Nicole Beauty | Salon Hawthorne instagram