Bridal party group shot in front of Astorian in Houston, Tx. The couple are kissing and their wedding party cheering.





Headshot of Mandi Roach

"Gimme all the laid-back couples who just want to marry their best friend and have a darn good time doing it!"

Maid of honor is wiping tears from the bride's face while getting ready for Galveston, Tx wedding.


bride and groom walking and laughing in front of Pattison House wedding venue.
Bride and father are in a tight embrace. Her father is ugly crying. You can see their reflection in the mirror.

Once your dress is hung, flowers are faded, cake is eaten (and it definitely will get eaten), & the lights turned off, your wedding photos will be all that you have left to remember this day. Live in the moments you never want to forget!

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“I cannot say enough about Mandi. She made my wedding day amazing and captured every moment perfectly. Mandi even worked with my wedding planner and essentially helped to co-run my wedding day! I will let the photos speak for themselves… I could not be happier. I look forward to using them for more pictures in the future!!!”


What is your photography style and philosophy?

We generally refrain from boxing our work into a specific "style." Adopting the label “documentary photographer” is sometimes a little cringey – the term sorta suggests that we lurk in the background, spying on you from afar like a creep. Not at all! Instead, we are fully immersed in the moment, often using a 35mm lens – one that closely mirrors the human eye – to capture the day from your perspective, up close and authentically.

MRP believes in letting the day naturally unfold, adopting a 'documentary' style that avoids excessive interference. It's the unscripted, in-between moments of uncertainty, nervousness, and raw emotion that often yield the most compelling storytelling photos. We are committed to capturing the unfiltered, genuine essence of your wedding.

It's our goal to create imagery that makes you FEEL. But we also want you to have those pictures that you look back at and say, "Wow, we look fantastic" With that being said, if you're looking for stiff and lifeless poses, we might not be the right fit for you. Because we want to capture not only what your love looks like, but what it feels like. We're all about that human connection—the gentle touch, the affectionate gaze, the clasped hands, the quiet moments of nervous anticipation, the sudden rush of emotion when you realize you're about to marry your best friend. We thrive on those in-between moments, the instances when you think no one's watching. We believe it's these very moments that set your love apart, and through them, we craft raw, honest, and deeply emotive imagery. Photographs that you can look back at in 50 years and remember how you felt. This is your magic. The magic we see in you. The magic we want to show you.

In essence, it's about being real, authentic, and emotionally evocative. You might say, THAT’S our style.

Are you a 'light & airy' or 'dark & moody' photographer?

All of the above! It depends on the environment. MRP wants to tell the exact story of the way the light felt in the moment. When golden light is falling in dusty rays onto dark wood, you'll get rich, warm and beautiful contrasty shots. When the sun is high with lush greens, you'll have a much more airy capture.

MRP avoids relying on popular presets during post-production - you deserve more than a copy and paste. Instead, your special day is treated with a handcrafted, personalized approach to editing, ensuring it stands out in its unique way.

What sets you apart from other photographers?

MRP never claims to be "better" than another photographer; rather, we feel that we are more aligned to serve those that prioritize building authentic relationships. We're big on people and get a kick out of making photos that are the real deal, full of meaning and excitement, showing off your one-of-a-kind personality and story.

We've been behind the lens for more than 150 weddings, and that's given us a knack for intuitively knowing what's about to go down. We're excelled at capturing the heart of the day and weaving a visual tale that's bound to be a hit with you, your people, and generations down the line. We're not just here to tell a story; we're here to tell YOUR story—your love and the connections that brought everyone together for an epic celebration.

Who is your ideal bride client?

You might be wondering, "is she really going to answer this?" It might seem a bit direct, but let me be honest. While MRP would love to be a perfect match for everyone, we have found that we tend to align with brides whose focus is on the people. Couples who want to enjoy their wedding day without spending excessive time trying to create a viral Instagram post.

I don't mind your personality, how you look, your style or if your wedding will be big or small, or in your backyard. I don't mind if you plan your wedding following a trend, or if you want to make it totally unique. I am okay regardless of the ceremony type, or if there's no speeches, vows, or even party. If you connect with my works and you decide to trust me, then nothing else matters.

What is documentary wedding photography?

True documentary wedding photography isn’t just “unposed posing.” It’s beyond that. In true documentary style, it’s letting things happen organically. It’s about putting the photographs together to create a cohesive story — YOUR wedding day story.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I don’t want your wedding album to consist only of posed photos of you looking into the sunset or standing on a hill with the sun in the background. Yes, those are beautiful images and we can certainly snap a few like that, but I want you to remember the beauty in all of the REAL moments of the day: your maid of honor holding your train as you look into the mirror; you and your new spouse stealing a kiss; the pride in your grandma’s eyes as she sees you in your dress for the first time; the hug you give your parents; the belly laugh you share with your best friends.

A lot of photographers say their approach is candid and natural. But often, their images are posed shots in which they ask the couple not to look at the camera, then tell them to look at each other and laugh. That’s one approach, however it isn’t true candid.

Why would I choose a documentary wedding photographer?

Maybe you’ve seen a lot of wedding photos that feature model brides in flower crowns. But you’re not really into flower crowns. Maybe you're more into tattoos and boots. Bottom line, you’re not superficial and you probably don’t want to be a princess on your wedding day. You want to look good—and you will—but you also want to look like, well, YOU. And you want photographs that will endure time and that truly captures the essence of the day.

Documentary wedding photography isn’t about capturing just mountains or posing the rings and flowers in superficial ways. Documentary wedding photography is about capturing the essence of humanity through photographing emotions, relationships, humor, hugs, tears and most importantly: taking the normal events of the day and making them into amazing stories to share with others and future generations. Don’t you think they’d want to see a genuine, historic window into your life? Why not gift them with an authentic keepsake that connects their hearts, their stories, to yours?

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If what matters to you is spending quality time with your people, letting the moments unfold organically, keeping things unfussy, and enjoying every moment of your day — you're my people and I’d love to hear from you!