Your Story Starts Here

You know when you hear an old song...

and it brings you back to a memory or emotion, or a feeling?

Well, the same is what I do with photography.

Anyone can take your photos.

But not everyone can give you something that makes you feel all over again.

To me, that means creating beautiful, and organic images, and deliver a mix of finely curated details as well as real, joyful, unexpected and candid moments. I want my photos to resonate 50 years from now, to be timeless. I've had the honor to work in a plethora of environments and locations—from an outdoor wedding

in a sudden Texas thunderstorm, to the mountains in North Carolina, and everything in between. No matter the location or circumstance, my goal is to capture images that feel authentic and bring out the unique beauty and personality of each couple.

While every wedding is different, my approach always begins with communication and planning. My main goal is to make sure that leading up to and on the wedding day, my clients don’t have to worry about photography. I want them to enjoy and be present, and trust me to take care of the rest. I work closely with the planning and creative teams to collaboratively provide our clients with the absolute best.

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