I sort of fell into wedding photographer and it’s been the happiest accident of my life. Over the decade of photographing weddings I’ve learned how to make it work in just about any type of environment. No two couples are alike; no two weddings are alike. What I can do is show up with open eyes, ears, and heart with my camera ready to document the unfolding. Sometimes funny, sometimes quiet, sometimes playful -- but always honest.

Headshot of Mandi Roach, looking out the window, laughing shyly.

My heart behind wedding photography rests in one fact - it’s not about me. It’s your day and your way. I’m there to support you, advocate for you and document the day for you. That’s it. 

Bride and groom jumping on the bed at Americas Hotel Houston. They are laughing and flailing their arms, dressed in wedding attire.

Mandi's Approach

When it comes to your wedding day:

+I believe your face should ache from smiling at your boo and laughing with your friends, not from taking posed pictures all day, so I get lots of diversity quickly so we can all move on to enjoying your celebration

+Yasss to golden-lit sunset portraits all day, but the unscripted, uncensored moments will forever be my favorite

+I believe that not everything beautiful is extravagant. So for example, oftentimes shots of you two literally just walking to wherever we're heading to formally "take portraits" are some of my favorites

+I strive to tell the stories that you don’t even see happening on your wedding day. I am not here to build my portfolio or Instagram or take you away from your friends and family for more photos. I am here to document YOU two. With YOUR people. In YOUR place.

+And, finally, serving others is my heart. It's my God-given purpose and you're gonna get 110% of me even on a bad day.

Kristyn + Joe
Houston, Texas - Summer 2023



“I cannot say enough about Mandi! She shot our engagement photos and will soon be shooting our wedding. I couldn't be more excited as Mandi is the absolutely sweetest and most fun! She knows how to perfectly capture all the candid moment and everything in-between. She seriously put us both at ease and made us feel comfortable. She is profession, personable and makes every session so fun!”