The Couple's Wedding Day

Jade and Daniel are one of the sweetest and reserved couple I've worked with, but they knew what they wanted. Having performed their nuptials at the courthouse earlier in the day, these two wanted to commemorate their day at the Mercer Botanic Gardens. We got to the gardens just as the sun was setting and it was really beautiful. It was a romantic way to spend time with their new spouse and make the day just about the two of them.

Jade donned a white ruffled, chiffon dress and Daniel in a tuxedo with cufflinks. Jade was giving me all the 1940s vibes with her lace gloves. Keep scrolling to view pictures from their time in the gardens.

I hope you are inspired by Jade and Daniel's beautiful Mercer Arboretum elopement packed with elegance and emotion.

Perks of an Elopement

Back in the day, eloping or having a small intimate wedding meant running off to Vegas to get married in secret with just a few friends. But in recent years, and definitely in the time of COVID, many couples have decided on smaller celebrations that don’t involve secrecy or having Elvis sign your marriage license. People often think they have to plan a large production to have beautiful wedding, but keeping it small can be just as special and meaningful.

There's no doubt that along with everything else, wedding have also inflated in cost. So this growing trend with elopements and micro weddings are here to stay. But there are plenty of other benefits, too, besides cost savings:

  1. More unique location options. While you may not be able to host 200 guests at your favorite overlook, you can definitely fit yourselves, an officiant and photographer. There are so many possibilities!
  2. Easier to manage surprises. Whether it's rain or a pandemic, it's much more doable to pivot.
  3. Reduced stress. If you are naturally more introvert and the thought of a room full of hundreds of eyes on just you, fills you with utter dread and anxiety then a smaller micro wedding could certainly be the right choice. Many couples feel more at ease and are able to relax on their special day knowing just a handful of loved ones are celebrating with them.
  4. Quality time. The smaller the wedding, the more time you have to connect with your spouse and guests individually. (And how special does it feel, to be a guest included in that?!)
  5. Creates room in the budget. If the number of guests influence the budget, by having just a few (or even none at all), you can have your dream gown, your favorite photographer, or a ton of flowers.
  6. The planning experience. Deciding between an elopement and a micro wedding in fear of missing a few planning traditions? You can still include anything from a wedding party to DIY décor in the planning process. With a bit less stress, perhaps. So make that Pinterest board and dig in!
  7. You’re a vendor’s dream client. Many wedding vendors love when they get to work on intimate and small weddings. They get to offer a more personalized service. As a photographer, a smaller wedding with fewer scenes often allows more creative flexibility or a unique experience that’s especially fulfilling.
  8. NO EXPECTATIONS! A micro wedding is a great way to get all the perks of a more traditional guest list, with a lot less pressure. No one is going into this with a clear picture (and long list of standards) in their heads—it’s a bit more relaxed in that way.
  9. Authenticity. Maybe a full day of wedding events isn’t your thing. Maybe you and your spouse-to-be aren’t super into the spotlight. If you’re one of the many couples that don’t fit onto one end of the spectrum or another, a micro wedding probably feels more authentic—and a lot less intimidating.
  10. It's about the marriage! Standing up in front of a huge group of people and declaring their love can seem unnecessary to some. A micro wedding allows for you to be surrounded by the people you love and gives you the space to enjoy each other at this exciting time.