Abby and Ben's intimate backyard wedding in The Woodlands was an unforgettable day for me. As a photographer, I love capturing unique and emotional moments, and this wedding had plenty of both.

From the moment I met Abby and Ben, I could feel their genuine love and kindness. They were not only devoted to each other but also to their blended family. This reminded me of my own family, which made the day even more special to me.

The wedding was bathed in beautiful sunshine, adding to the already warm and joyful atmosphere. But the tears of happiness were also present. Abby and Ben couldn't help but shed tears whenever they glanced at each other. It was both heartwarming and funny to see them crying, then turning away to hide their emotions, only to glance back again a few moments later.

One of the highlights of the day was the first look. As they laid eyes on each other, the emotions overflowed, and I couldn't hold back my own tears. It was a pure and intimate moment that I was honored to capture on camera.

After the ceremony, we all gathered in the barn to enjoy music. The relaxed backyard reception had a laid-back vibe, with games of cornhole and basketball adding a competitive element to the day. Laughter filled the air as family and friends celebrated Abby and Ben's love.

Throughout the day, I couldn't help but notice the strong love that Abby and Ben had for their family. This love was tangible and beautiful to witness. It was my privilege to capture these tender and timeless moments for them.

Venue: Magnolia Green, Tx Airbnb

The backdrop for this summer backyard wedding was Magnolia Green Tx, an Airbnb that doubles as an intimate wedding venue in Magnolia, Tx, just south of The Woodlands. Enjoy the peace and quiet of a 5-acre natural wonderland. Minutes away from world-class shopping, dining, and recreation in The Woodlands, TX. The Magnolia Green Tx entrance is tucked away on a country road cul-de-sac with very little traffic and features a home on 5 acres, with 4 furnished bedrooms, a fully furnished kitchen and dining area, a spacious living room with pull-out sofa, 2 full baths, high-end linens, a stocked laundry room, and plenty of outdoor space to enjoy.

Abby and Ben, along with the help of several family members, did a few DIY projects around the small wedding venue Houston to get it decorated for the big day, but the property already came equipped with a wedding arch, chairs, and a barn that housed the reception. Both garage doors roll up and it is a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the surroundings. The barn is equipped with surround sound, blue-tooth capacity for streaming music, a large retractable movie screen and projector, a ping pong table, a comfy L-shaped sofa, and a rustic bar-height table with barstools. Also on the property: basketball hoop, zip line, hammock, volleyball net, long sloped driveway perfect for scooters and plasma car races, horseshoes, fire pit, and picnic tables. There is a basket of balls and yard toys to enjoy.

Whether it is family property with a huge yard, a farm with a beautiful barn or a cottage, family owned properties can make gorgeous wedding venues. They can also make your wedding day much more affordable and they give you free rein over the timing of your day, the food and drink. You can design your day to be exactly how you want it without restrictions.

As a photographer, my style is documentary and journalistic. I strive to capture the true emotions and candid moments that make each wedding unique. Abby and Ben's small wedding venue Houston was a perfect example of this. It was an intimate and emotive celebration that will always hold a special place in my heart.