There’s these old photographs that I stumbled upon in my dad’s collection…of him and my mom before I came along. From my memory, their house had wood paneled walls, a black and red velvet sofa and shag carpet…a color I cannot put my finger on. My mom’s smile radiated as she talked into a dark brown rotary phone. My dad had more hair on his head and muscular arms.

As a Houston couples photographer, I love these photographs because it tells me of a time period I will never experience. I love seeing what my parents wore and elements of their personal styles. And I love scouring the background for evidence of technology that was once state of the art, like the console TV. I can recall clues about their interests…an open beer bottle, vinyl records, a basketball, a plastic fruit bowl centerpiece on the fining table.

And this sums up one of the main reasons I love in home family photography sessions. The background of your home helps tell your family’s story. You, your spouse/partner, or your children will one day look back at these pictures. In addition to seeing the love, they will feel nostalgia over a couch or a toy or a piece of artwork. Your home will reinforce the emotions that viewers have towards the images!

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While I absolutely adore the thrill of braving the unpredictable weather in southeast Texas, there's nothing quite like capturing the pure joy and genuine moments of couples and families in the cozy embrace of their own homes. An in-home photo session is not just a snapshot; it's a personal experience filled with creativity, comfort, laughter, and an authentic touch that outshines even the most epic outdoor locations.

Here are my top reasons to do an in-home photo session:

  1. Cheers to Your New Home Together: Raise a glass to the magic of living together! Whether it's your first shared apartment, the grand purchase of your dream home, or simply a new love nest, in-home photos are the perfect toast to this exciting chapter of your journey.
  2. Pet-tastic Moments with Your Furry Friends: Who says photoshoots can't be a paw-ty? Pets are family, and in-home sessions let your fur-babies steal the spotlight in their element. From cats curled up on the couch to dogs striking a pose, it's a playful and rewarding experience for all.
  3. Capture the Heart of Your Home Before the Next Adventure: Homes are treasure troves of memories, and an in-home photoshoot is your golden ticket to freeze those cherished moments in time. It's like a love letter to your home before you embark on the next big adventure.
  4. Style Showcase: Your Home, Your Vibe: Your home is a vibrant canvas that screams YOU! In-home photos let your personal style shine through, from quirky bookshelves to eclectic artworks. It's not just a photoshoot; it's a stylish celebration of your unique personality.
  5. Cozy Moments in Your Favorite Love Nest: Home is where the heart is, and for many couples, it's where they spend the happiest times. While other locations offer beauty, your home captures the true essence of your relationship in every nook and cranny.
  6. Embrace the Unfiltered, Unapologetic YOU: Forget the formalities! At home, you can be your quirkiest, silliest, and most authentic self. Whether it's dancing in the living room or lounging in your comfiest attire, in-home sessions are all about showcasing the real you.
  7. Weather-Proof Fun: No Rain Checks Needed: Don't let rain or snow dampen your spirits! In-home sessions are the ultimate weather-proof solution, ensuring fabulous photos without worrying about the elements. It's a practical choice that guarantees picture-perfect moments.
  8. Kid-Friendly Comfort Zone for Your Little Stars: Kids and partners thrive in their comfort zones. In-home sessions create a relaxed and playful environment, resulting in genuine moments without the stress of unfamiliar settings. Plus, who doesn't love a photoshoot in their own cozy space?

So, get ready to turn your home into a lively backdrop for unforgettable memories of the two of you. An in-home photo adventure awaits, promising laughter, love, and a whole lot of fun! Contact me, your couples photographer bestie!

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“Let's capture the everyday moments before they become the good ol’ days.”


Of course, some people stress out about having a photography session in their home. It’s too messy! It’s not Pinterest-worthy! It’s too small! The lighting stinks! But I am here to help you through all of that…keep reading for tips to help you prepare your home for an in home photography session.

1. I’M NOT GOING TO LIE…CLEARING CLUTTER IN YOUR HOME IS A GOOD THING. Having out elements that tell your story is a good thing, but piles and piles of old mail will help detract from it. Same goes for piles and piles of laundry…and piles and piles of anything. Hide clutter as best you can!

2. …BUT DEEP CLEANING YOUR HOME IS NOT NECESSARY FOR YOUR PHOTO SESSION. If you don’t have time to vacuum under the couch cushions or even the floors, don’t worry about it. (I will not judge you if your carpet doesn’t have the lines of a freshly vacuumed floor.) If you can’t clean the bathroom sink or the toilet before I get there, it is okay.

3. …CONSIDER BEDROOMS. Photos of you and your spouse or family snuggling in your bed (if your kids are young) are super cute. And young kids also love the treat of jumping on the bed while I am there! I recommend either making your bed or else just having white/plain sheets and pillows on it. (We can hide the comforter behind me.)

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4. …CONSIDER COUCHES. Couches are great spaces for photos. Do you have any throw pillows or blankets that you love or hate? Add them or remove them before I arrive.

5. …CONSIDER LAWNS. This isn’t much of a concern with winter photography, but oftentimes I will photograph clients in their front or backyards. If possible, having summer lawns mowed fairly recently is a good thing. And picking up dog poop so that you (and yes, me too) don’t step in it during our session is a good thing year round.

6. …FINISHING TOUCHES. Fresh flowers on tables always look nice.

7. …AND REMEMBER THIS. When I photograph you, I am primarily watching the light and how it hits your face. After that, I am scanning the setting behind you so that it looks as minimal as possible. This means that if you didn’t have time to prepare your home, I do my best to photograph in ways that minimize clutter. I may make suggestions that we should move something while I am there so that your photos look even better. So please don’t stress about the condition of your home when it comes to an in-home family or couples photography session!

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Alright, picture this – capturing your love story with some homey vibes and a sprinkle of your awesome personalities. We're here to jazz up your in-home photo session, making it not just a photoshoot but a memory-making extravaganza. Let's dive into some cool ideas to amp up the fun factor!

  1. Tasty Treats: Time to bring your fave foods and drinks into the spotlight. Are pancakes a Sunday morning ritual? Pizza pals? Maybe you're all about that ice cream therapy. Why not pop open some bubbly and toast to your awesomeness? Let's get those cooking, toasting, and munching moments on camera – the real taste of your love story!
  2. Jamming Together: If music's your jam, let it shine! Strumming a guitar, belting out tunes, or maybe getting competitive with a card game – let the music and laughter flow. These candid shots will capture the rhythm and harmony of your love – no sheet music required.
  3. Sentimental Swagger: Time to dig out those sentimental treasures! Your favorite blanket, that lovey-dovey journal, or even the old truck that has seen it all. Show off that special necklace from your early dating days. These little treasures tell a big story about your journey together – let's get 'em in the frame!
  4. Pillow Fight Extravaganza: Unleash your playful side with a full-blown pillow fight! Capture those mid-air pillow whacks, goofy grins, and maybe a strategic dodge or two. It's a surefire way to add a dose of fun and spontaneity to your photos.
  5. Vinyl Vibes and Record Revelry: Dust off those vinyl records and let the music take center stage. Whether you're dancing around the living room or just chilling with your favorite tunes, these shots will capture the rhythm of your relationship. Bonus points for some funky dance moves!
  6. Nail-Painting Party: Why not add a splash of color to your session with a nail-painting extravaganza? Whether you're perfectly polished or embracing some abstract art, these close-up shots will showcase the creativity and playfulness in your relationship.
  7. Cozy Reading Nook: Create a cozy reading corner with your favorite books. Get lost in a good story together, share laughs over your favorite passages, and capture those quiet, intimate moments that make your bond so special.
  8. Cocktail Crafting: Shake things up by making your favorite cocktails together. Whether it's mixing up classic concoctions or inventing your own signature drinks, these shots will capture the joy of creating and sipping something delicious.

So, there you have it – a recipe for a photo sesh that's as fun-loving as you are. From tasty traditions to musical madness, sentimental stories, and playful pillow fights, let's make your in-home pics a celebration of your awesome love story. Get ready to laugh, let loose, and create memories that are as unique as you are!