Kayla and Brady are a really adorable couple who have been dating for 4.5 years. Brady proposed to Kayla in their favorite spot in Colorado in November 2023, and she said it felt like a scene out of a Hallmark movie. They truly enjoy spending time together and always want to be by each other's side. One thing that they really enjoy doing together is traveling and trying new restaurants.

One of the things that Kayla loves most about Brady is his patience, while Brady loves Kayla's thoughtfulness. They truly complement each other and have a strong bond.

When it came time to have their engagement photos taken, Kayla and Brady wanted the session to be filled with love, fun, and elegance. They envisioned the photos to reflect their warm and intimate relationship.

That's where I come in as their engagement photographer. My aim was to capture their love and connection in every shot. I wanted to portray the warmth and romance that they share, creating a visual representation of their special relationship.

With Brady being extremely shy, I made sure to maintain a slow and relaxed atmosphere them. This allowed Kayla and Brady to be present with one another, to be their true selves and express their love naturally. The genuine smiles and laughter were priceless, and I was able to capture those precious moments through my camera lens.

As a photographer, it's my goal to create images that evoke emotions and capture the essence of a couple's love story. I believe that Kayla and Brady's engagement session perfectly embodies the love and happiness they share.

Being able to capture these beautiful moments is truly an honor for me as a photographer. Kayla and Brady's love is palpable, and I am grateful to have played a part in documenting this special time in their lives.

Postino Wine Cafe Montrose

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