Aileen and Roy's love story began one August night at an unexpected party. Aileen, a college sophomore, was searching for a distraction from studying for her physics exam. Little did she know, that night would change her life.

As she looked across the lawn, she locked eyes with a shy, yet kind-spirited person. It was clear they shared a similar introverted nature. Moments later, the two struck up a conversation and he asked Aileen to be his beer pong partner. Being competitive, Aileen couldn't decline the opportunity to show her skills.

Through mediocre throws, enthusiastic high-fives, and stifled giggles, Aileen and Roy miraculously won the game, and in that moment, won each other's hearts.

Fast forward to the proposal. Roy had been planning it for months, knowing that a private and meaningful moment would be perfect for Aileen. He had the ring since August but on November 29th, 2021, he finally mustered up the courage to ask.

After much back and forth between nerves and doubts, Roy decided it was time. Everything was set for a romantic evening at their own home, which they had worked hard to make their sanctuary. A steak dinner was prepared, candles were lit, soft music filled the air, and the Christmas tree, chosen together, illuminated the room.

When Aileen arrived, they enjoyed dinner and talked about their day and future plans. Roy then made an excuse to take a picture in front of the Christmas tree, luring Aileen to follow. In that moment, he whispered heartfelt words, not scripted or prepared, and got down on one knee.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

On their wedding day, Aileen and Roy's main goal was to fully embrace and enjoy every moment, without worrying about anyone else. They wanted a stress-free day, knowing that they would have plenty of wedding photographs to remember their special day.

The color scheme for their wedding day was soft pinks, browns, and beige. These neutral tones created a warm and romantic atmosphere, perfectly reflecting their personalities.

Aileen's wedding dress, from Sweet Romance Bridal, hugged her in all the best ways, making her feel elegant and beautiful.

The photographer, Pedro, is an associate of Mandi Roach Photography. He captured every joyful and relaxed moment, embodied the concepts of Houston wedding photography, documentary wedding day photography, and a fun-loving, delightful approach. Pedro ensured that Aileen and Roy's wedding day was captured in a timeless and memorable way.

The Wedding Venue

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