Details are essential to capturing and telling the story of your wedding day. Imagine reading a book that spends zero time describing how a character looks or what a setting feels like. You’d finish that book pretty quickly! In the same way, wedding day details help set the stage for telling your story. 

When I first arrive to a wedding, the first thing I do is grab my details box and run. (Not run away, and not run far- but run creatively.) I LOVE to style details on wedding days, so I make sure I have plenty of time to get them done and get them done right. Having the details box ready for me when I get there is key and a huge time saver. If I’m having to gather up details – it takes a while. Having them all ready to go, I can just grab them and get started.

Details for me are my warm up time. It’s where I can get into the zone creatively, set the tone for the rest of the day and have a little fun.

So without further ado, my list of wedding details that every bride and groom should have ready for their photographer.


Wedding Gown on a Beautiful Hanger

You paid a lot for that beautiful dress, and it deserves its own photo shoot. Have your dress steamed and hanging for your photographer. Bonus points if it’s on a beautiful hanger.


Veil and/or Hairpiece

A beautiful wedding veil is wonderful to photograph in itself, but it also serves as a lovely backdrop for all of your other wedding details. Hairpieces often get forgotten the day of the wedding because- well, people are paying attention to the bride rather than the back of the bride’s head, so be sure to have this ready along with your veil!



Your shoes reveal a lot about you and your personality. Whether it’s the timeless Jimmy Choos, glamorous Badgley Mischkas, or fun and practical Adidas sneakers, have your kicks ready!



Yes, all three of them! If you have a pretty box or ring dish you’re partial to, don’t forget to include that as well.



Be sure to include ALL of the sparkles!


Gifts and/or Notes

If you plan on exchanging gifts or a note with your significant other before your first look or ceremony, we want to document this sweet moment!


Perfume / Cologne

Remember how I mentioned capturing all of those details that set the scene? Let’s not forget our other senses! Plus, those perfume bottles are so itsy bitsy and beautiful in photographs.


Bouquet and Boutonniere

If you can have your flowers delivered to your getting ready location, that’s ideal for detail shots. Sometimes this isn’t always possible, and we’ll grab the shots we need later, but florals make for some beautiful detail shots. Bonus points if your florist will give us a few loose stems or petals for detail shots.


Sentimental/Old, Borrowed, and Blues

If you’re incorporating some sentimental items, be sure to include these in your box. Perhaps it’s lace from your mother’s wedding gown, or a watch that’s been passed down in the family. Likewise, if you’re including “something old, -new, -borrowed, -blue,” include these in your box as well!


Bow Ties/Socks/Cuff Links

Groom- you get some attention, too! Go ahead and have your tie or bow tie, a fun pair of socks, and any other accessories ready the day of. If you're getting ready in separate locations, let’s chat about the best way to have these items ready.


Invitation Suite

A beautifully calligraphed envelope and all of the paper goods are a must! I typically like to take a copy home home, so please save TWO sets for me (so that I can photograph the front and back simultaneously). If you have any vintage stamps or other paper lovelies (menu, program, etc) go ahead and throw a copy of these into your details box as well.