Get ready to dive into the enchanting love story of Gabbie and Andres! Picture this: high school chemistry class, sophomore year – the sparks weren't just in the lab experiments! These two lovebirds started off as good friends and, fast forward to their senior year, found themselves head over heels for each other.

Cue the romance meter to skyrocket when Andres decided it was time to pop the question. Houston, you're not ready for this! Andres orchestrated the most amazing surprise dinner at one of the swankiest joints in town. Oh, did I mention he brought in the whole squad – both families were in on the action! The stage was set at Brennan's, and under the stars in the courtyard, Andres went down on one knee. Houston, you could practically feel the romance in the air!

Now, I had the absolute pleasure of freezing these lovebirds' magic in time as their official Houston wedding photographer. We kicked things off at a downtown bar, capturing their love and joy in every click. Then, we cranked up the romance dial to 11 with some breathtaking sunset shots on a local rooftop garage. Gabbie and Andres brought a whole new meaning to #CoupleGoals, and their infectious smiles lit up every frame.

As a photographer, my mission is to turn moments into memories, and Gabbie and Andres's engagement session was nothing short of a fairytale. Warm, romantic, and oh-so-fun – these images speak volumes about their love story.

Love is like a rollercoaster, and Gabbie and Andres just strapped in for the ride of a lifetime. I feel like the luckiest photographer in Houston to be part of capturing their epic journey as a couple. Buckle up, folks, because this love story is about to take you on a wild and beautiful ride!