This day was a dream. It was visually spectacular but what really enveloped me were the priceless emotions woven throughout every single part of the celebration!

Step into the magic of Lucas and Heather's wedding day, at the Pattison House, where love was in the air and laughter was the soundtrack to their beautiful celebration! This wasn't just a visually spectacular day; it was a dream wrapped in emotions that made my heart dance with joy.

Right from the very start, as Heather got ready in the bridal suite, surrounded by the love of her mom and sister, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation. I was practically floating on clouds of excitement as the emotions unfolded – from the tear-jerking first look between Heather and her dad to the heart-melting exchange of letters during their first touch.

And let's talk about that first touch! It was like a scene from a romance movie, with Arrabelle, their adorable daughter, looking on in sheer awe. The love between Heather and Lucas was so palpable that you could practically reach out and touch it. I couldn't help but click away, capturing every precious moment filled with laughter, tears, and the kind of love that warms your soul.

What really stole the show was the perfect balance between the heartfelt and the hilarious. Lucas and Heather brought a touch of humor to their celebration that had everyone in stitches. It was clear that, along with their deep connection and faith, this couple knew how to sprinkle some fun into their big day.

Throughout the day, it felt like the universe was smiling down on us, blessing the occasion with a magical touch. The Lord's presence was felt in every frame, beautifully highlighting the gift of marriage and the start of a new family. As a photographer, it was a privilege to capture not just the visuals but the spirit of this extraordinary day.

To Lucas and Heather, may your marriage be as vibrant and joyful as your wedding day. May every year be filled with love, laughter, and moments that make your hearts skip a beat. Being part of your warm, romantic, and fun-filled celebration was an absolute delight. Here's to the beginning of your happily ever after!

About the Venue: Pattison House

With a heart for restoration that has been a constant theme throughout their life, the owners of the Pattison House stumbled upon a property that spoke to their passion for reviving neglected spaces. Despite years of neglect, the potential of this hidden gem was undeniable, and its location was nothing short of perfect. Tucked just beyond the city, it offered the serenity of the countryside without the inconvenience of a lengthy journey. The century-old house, boasting a charming wrap-around porch and surrounded by ancient oak trees, along with the rustic barn, provided the ideal charm for a wedding venue.

Pattison House is now a meticulously designed venue, an all-inclusive haven for couples and their families to relish the celebration and create enduring memories. From comprehensive planning guidance to seamless execution on the day of, they take charge, ensuring the couple's dreams come to fruition and allowing them to focus on enjoying the event rather than its delivery. This venue is more than just a backdrop; it's a canvas for love stories, a place where dreams unfold, and the magic of celebrations takes center stage.

Fun fact: the Pattison House hosted the weddings for the Netflix series, Love is Blind, season 5. Read more here.

Wedding Day Vendors

Venue: The Pattison House | Florals: The Hen House Floral Events | Dress: Lewisville Bridals | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | H&MUA: Blush Artistry | DJ: Imperial DJs Houston | Stationary: Stylish Wedd | Cake: Sprinkled Stilletto Custom Cakes | Caterer: Churrascos The Woodlands