Figuring out what to wear for any photography session is difficult...that's why I'm here to help you slim down your options, OR create some more fabulous ones!  I love color & accessories, just keep the colors more muted and the patterns to a minimum. This goes for your kids too. If someone is uncomfortable in their clothing, it will show in the photos. Choose clothes for everyone in the same color palette (see example palettes above…). The goal is for you guys to look great, but we want the focus to be on you, not your clothes. The outfits should blend together and blend a bit into the background.

Keep it fun! If you want to bring two outfits for everyone, bring two. And if you have little kids, we know how they like to get dirty, so bring some back ups.

But no matter what you wear, be confident that I’ll make you look fantastic…

it’s my job.


  • The most important rule is to BE COMFORTABLE! But more importantly, be you! I am going to create art that will hang on your walls for years and I want your family to look like themselves. This goes for your kids too. If you or they are uncomfortable in their clothing, it will show in the photos. 
  • I love color and accessories, just keep the patterns to a minimum ;-) Try to have only 1 patterned outfit for every 3 people for family shoots. Then dress everyone else with color coordinating looks.
  • Try to coordinate outfits without looking overly “matchy”. Avoid wearing same colors and instead, find a color palette you love and piece together items from that palette that are complimentary to one another (see examples below to help get you started!).
  • Ladies - long maxi dresses are your best bet for EVERYTHING. They’re literally flattering on everyone! Plus they move so beautifully! When in doubt…maxi dress it out ;-)
  • But keep in mind…beaches tend to be windy! So those cute dresses, shirts & skirts with all the multi layers and ruffles, won’t work well on the beach. All these layers will drive you craaaazy as you try to make them stay still & flat (plus they’re distracting to the eye). So keep it simple…
  • I like my sessions to be fun and have an element of freedom, so please dress your children in clothing you don’t mind them playing in. And that goes for you too! *Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes or backup shirt/bottoms for littles ones & a towel - sand, dirt & shoreline fun are inevitable!
  • No visible logos or branding on the clothing itself. 
  • Dress babies as babies. For anyone under 2 years old, steer clear of collared shirts and jeans, as they tend to make the little ones look a lot older. Try onesies for boys and sweet little dresses for girls…
  • In general, shoes aren't necessary for any of my sessions. You can bring standard rubber sandals for walking to/from our location or for walking on any rocks/stones. 

Still need some more inspiration for your wardrobe?

Check out my 'What to Wear' Pinterest board!


For Mom: Old Navy, Forever 21, Asos, Lulu’s, Nordstrom Rack

For Dad: Old Navy, Zara, Gap, Target, J.Crew

For Kids: Target, Baby Gap, Old Navy, Pop Real, Bitsy Bug, My Modern Kid